THE CLASSIC Online Comp is an online sports competition composed of a series of five competitive workouts (from now on event), announced in five consecutive weeks. The events will be announced in the official instagram page @theclassiconlinecomp. The athlete classification based on their events performances will be ranked in the online platform www.competitioncorner.net.  The first athletes, both in masculine and feminine OPEN categories will automatically classify to the Madrid Crossfit Championship 2020.


The events will be announced each Thursday at 10 p.m. (Central European Time – Winter (CET) UCT + 1:00, this will change the 29th of March to – Summer (CET) UCT +2:00) (Starting the 27th of February) in the official instagram page (@theclassiconlinecomp),  from where the official regulation for each event  will be available for download. The deadline for completing the event and uploading the result (result and video if necessary) to the online platform www.competitioncorner.net will be the following Monday at 10 p.m. (Central European Time –Summer (CET) UCT +2:00) (The first deadline being the 2nd of March). It will be the athletes responsibility to upload the result in time and form, not being able to plead technical problems from their own or foreign.

Based on the best validated result there will be an event winner in each age group, a leaderboard will be created with the classification of each event. At the same time, a general classification accumulating the results of each event will be created, that classification will determine the overall winners in each age group of THE CLASSIC Online Comp.

To demonstrate the veracity of their results, the first 20 athletes in each event, in the OPEN male and OPEN female categories, and the first 3 athletes in the female Master and male Master categories (this includes all Master categories), will be required to attach a video demonstrating their performance in said event. Videos will have to be recorded following the indications of the event regulation, which will include a detailed section explaining the recording process. Such videos will have to be uploaded to the internet previous to the closing of each event (Monday 10.p.m Central European Time –Summer (CET) UCT +2:00) and the hyperlink will have to be included in the result in the online platform www.competitioncorner.net .

If the result uploaded by any athlete, is in breach of the regulation of the event, both in the execution and/or in its recording process, THE CLASSIC Online Comp reserves the right to modify the result, penalizing to the extent that THE CLASSIC Online Comp justly interprets, even completely invalidating the result if said recording were to be defective or in flagrant breach of the regulations. In regards to the issues that haven’t been defined in the regulation, THE CLASSIC online Comp will be who interprets and resolves any issues in this regard, modifying the result or completely invalidating it.

Video proof may be requested to those athletes who, although not having placed in those first places in a particular event, place in such position in the general leaderboard (Accumulative leaderboard).  In this same way, athletes who opt to win THE CLASSIC Online Comp should keep video proof for the 5 events for its final validation, since the organization may request them before declaring the final winners.

If the online platform www.competitioncorner.com should present any technical problems, THE CLASSIC Online Comp reserves the right to extend the deadline for delivering the results and videos.


Any athlete that meets the requirements of the categories defined below may register in it. Athletes will be allocated in a category based on their sex and birth date. The following 16 categories will be created.

TEEN boys and girls 14-15: Those athletes born on or between 02/28/2004 and 02/27/2006

TEEN boys and girls 16-17: Those athletes born on or between 02/28/2002 and 02/27/2004

OPEN men and women: Those athletes born between 02/28/1985 and 02/27/2002

MASTER 35-39 Men and Women:  Those athletes born between 02/28/1980 and 02/27/1985

MASTER 40-44 Men and Women:  Those athletes born between 02/28/1975 and 02/27/1980

MASTER 45-49 Men and Women:  Those athletes born between 02/28/1970 and 02/27/1975

MASTER 50-55 Men and Women:  Those athletes born between 02/28/1965 and 02/27/1970

MASTER 55+ Men and Women:  Those athletes born on or before 02/27/1965

THE CLASSIC Online Comp reserves the right to accept or deny the participation of any athlete that for any reason may spoil the virtue of the competition. Athletes with and effective doping penalty in any sport discipline, won’t be allowed to participate. Any athlete may be expelled from the competition by manifesting a misleading attitude. This rights will be exercised by the organization with the only intention of maintaining the integrity of the competition in a just and egalitarian manner, not accepting irregularities or advantageous actions in regards to other athletes or those actions that may be considered illegal.

THE CLASSIC Online Comp reserves the right to invite athletes to participate in the competition.


All athletes have to register in the online platform www.competitioncorner.net, following the instructions step by step and accepting all the conditions demanded by said platform and those contained in this text. Any question in this regard may be clarified at info@theclassic.es .

To complete the registration in THE CLASSIC Online Comp, the athlete will have to pay 15 € fee (plus the additional fee the online platform www.competitioncorner.com may apply). In no case, and under no exception will this fee be refundable.  Registrations are personal and the right of participation may not be assigned to another athlete.


Event winners, man and woman (absolute winners, not by age division), will obtain each 200 €. Final winners of the THE CLASSIC Online Comp sports competition (absolute winners, not by age division), based on the cumulative  classification of each event, will win 3.000 € each, and on top of that will obtain a qualifying spot for the Madrid Crossfit Championship 2020 (22,23 and 24th of May).  If the athletes find themselves already in possession of a qualifying spot for said event or give up on the qualifying spot, THE CLASSIC Open Comp reserves the right to invite the next ranked athlete in the final leaderboard.

Registration to the Madrid Crossfit Championship 2020 will be mandatory for the athletes that receive the invite through THE CLASSIC Online Comp, and the athletes will assume any registration fees of said competition.

All the registered athletes will opt to win the drawings in all of the events. The box with most athletes registered will have prizes yet to be determined.

All cash prizes will be paid though the PayPal online platform.


Athletes claim to have knowledge of this type of competitive sports activities that make up THE CLASSIC Open Comp, in all its disciplines that are defined as a high intensity, high risk, competitive sport.

Athletes should consult a medical professional about their ability to face this competition. This way the athlete, when registering in THE CLASSIC Online Comp, must lack any contraindication and have the physical and mental conditions necessary for participation in said sports competition. The athlete knows and understands the details of the sports competition and fully agrees with them. The athlete voluntarily assumes the risks of the sports competition and, consequently, exempts the organization, sponsors and collaborators from any damage or harm that he/she may suffer in its development.


The athlete authorizes THE CLASSIC Online Comp to use, media documents (images and videos), shoot during said sports competition, awards ceremony and/or communications. The athlete commits to comply with the requests from sponsors and promotional events related with THE CLASSIC Online Comp and with the awards received and/or draws won. All these images and/or video may be published in the THE CLASSIC Online Comp webpage and/or social media and/or future communications that THE CLASSIC Online Comp should want to develop.